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"Think of CSD as a treasure chest…Students with a variety of learning styles will be able to access CSD effortlessly…The full-color images and clean layout make the new interface not only attractive but accessible…VERDICT: CSD is the standard by which other encyclopedia-style databases should be judged. CSD has style and substance: Steve Jobs and Tim Gunn would be proud."

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Cavendish Square Digital databases offer the best curriculum-related content available for online researchers. Easy-to-use, richly illustrated, and based on award-winning print resources, Cavendish Square Digital databases are the go-to source for your researchers’ needs!

With 59 digital resources available from a variety of content areas, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for with Cavendish Square Digital databases.

Special Features:

  • User friendly interface and attractive content support visual learners
  • Optimized for tablets and smartphones
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  • Choose between a visual interactive browse and a list browse
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  • Instant translation into over 100 languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, and more!
  • Advanced search capabilities through easy-to-use filtering makes it easy for researchers to find what they’re looking for
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  • Text-To-Speech capability to support challenged readers and ELLs
  • Downloadable materials, such as posters, are available to help promote and stimulate usage of your resources


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Great American Writers
Introduces readers to the lives and works of nearly one hundred of the most talented North American writers of the present and the past.
Great World Writers
Examines the lives and works of nearly one hundred of the most influential international writers of the modern era.
Popular Contemporary Writers
Explores the lives and works of nearly one hundred of the world’s most-read popular writers of the present and recent past.
Animal and Plant Anatomy
Provides a unique presentation of the anatomy and physiology of a comprehensive range of life-forms.
Aquatic World
Offers valuable research opportunities on the anatomy and classification of aquatic species as well as detailed information about aquatic habitats.
Birds of the World
Looks at the diversity, populations, ecosystems, behavior, reproduction, heredity, and anatomy of birds around the globe.
Explores more than 200 dinosaurs, from lesser-known species like the Megalosaurus to the more popular Tyrannosaurus.
Exploring Mammals
Employs high-quality photographs and lively drawings to introduce the behaviors and life cycles of more than 90 mammals.
Insects and Spiders of the World
Creates a fascinating journey of discovery—both around the globe and around the backyard—into the world of insects, spiders, and arthropods.
International Wildlife
Focuses on the physical features and lifestyles of species from every branch of the animal family, with special attention given throughout to taxonomic relations.
Reptiles and Amphibians
Covers a range of representative reptile and amphibian species in depth and makes science accessible to students and the general reader.
Wildlife and Plants of the World
Incorporates coverage of common, everyday plant and animal species with lesser-known exotic species from around the world.
Earth and Physical Sciences
Provides essential information about chemistry, physics, and earth and space science for student researchers.
Discusses the origin, discovery, special characteristics, and importance of the 117 known elements, from aluminum to zirconium.
Exploring Earth and Space Science
Features information on the fields of astronomy, physics, geography, geology, and more.
Exploring Life Science
Examines topics that are relevant to life science in the twenty-first century and does so in a readily accessible and highly visual manner.
Exploring Technology
Provides a one-stop, easily accessible examination of the history of innovation and invention as well as important breakthroughs in technology.
Growing Up with Science
Provides young readers with valuable information in all branches of the middle school science curriculum.
Habitats of the World
Offers an inspirational account of the world’s land, freshwater, marine, and human habitats.
How It Works
Offers students and general readers authoritative, comprehensive coverage of science and technology and how things really do work.
Inventors and Inventions
Offers a wide-ranging exploration of inventions and provides a vividly illustrated account of their creators.
Life Sciences
Includes coverage of life science topics such as agriculture, anatomy, biochemistry, biology, genetics, medicine, and molecular biology.
Technology and Applied Sciences
Focuses on technology and applied sciences in support of the science classroom curriculum.
Diseases and Disorders
Details more than 250 infectious diseases, mental disorders, and noninfectious diseases and disorders.
Family Health
Offers quick access to key information on all aspects of family health care.
Food and Nutrition
Helps young people make healthful and safe personal choices about all aspects of food and nutrition.
Health Encyclopedia
Assists young people looking for information to help make the right decisions about their health and lifestyle.
America in the 20th Century
Charts the decade-by-decade progress of the United States through the volatile twentieth century.
Civil War
Details the key individuals and battles of the American Civil War, as well as the social, economic, technical, and political background of the conflict.
Colonial America
Charts the birth of a nation from the first colonies, to the fight for independence, and on to the creation and ratification of the Constitution to govern the new nation.
Exploring American History: 1550 to 1877
Details the emergence and growth of the young American nation, from its colonial beginnings through to Reconstruction after the Civil War.
The Old West
Examines the people, history, and customs of the American West, while also looking at the lore of the West represented in modern popular culture.
Supreme Court Milestones
Discusses some of the most momentous cases in the history of the United States Supreme Court.
It's My State
Student researchers are invited to explore the rich landscape of the United States in the newest digital resource from Cavendish Square Digital.
Muslim World
Provides a rich and balanced view of all aspects of the Islamic religion and its varied manifestations through time and around the world.
Peoples of Africa
Provides a comprehensive examination of the peoples of Africa, including their ancestors, their foods, family life, festivals, music, dance, crafts, and sports.
Peoples of Eastern Asia, Australasia, and the Pacific
Provides a comprehensive examination of the peoples of Eastern Asia, including their ancestors, their foods, family life, festivals, music, dance, crafts, and sports.
Peoples of Europe
Provides a comprehensive examination of the peoples of Europe, including their ancestors, their foods, family life, festivals, music, dance, crafts, and sports.
Peoples of the Americas
Provides a comprehensive examination of the peoples of North and South America, including their ancestors, their foods, family life, festivals, music, dance, crafts, and sports.
Peoples of Western Asia
Provides a comprehensive examination of the peoples of Western Asia, including their ancestors, their foods, family life, festivals, music, dance, crafts, and sports.
World and Its Peoples: Eastern and Southern Asia
Covers the geography, government, history, economy, culture, and daily life of 22 countries and five territories in eastern and southern Asia.
World and Its Peoples: Europe
Discusses the geography, government, history, economy, and culture of 51 countries and territories on the European continent.
World and Its Peoples: Middle East, Western Asia, and Northern Africa
Covers the geography, government, history, economy, and culture of 37 countries and territories in the Middle East, Western Asia, and Northern Africa.
World and Its Peoples: Sub-Saharan Africa, Australasia, and the Pacific
Examines the geography, government, history, economy, and culture of more than 70 countries, dependencies, and states of Sub-Saharan Africa and the nations of the vast Indian and Pacific Ocean regions.
World and Its Peoples: The Americas
Provides full coverage of the geography, government, history, economy, culture, and daily life of 39 countries and territories, plus 18 smaller islands of the Caribbean region.
Drugs and Society
Examines a wide range of issues concerning addiction, treatment, and the societal impact of drug abuse.
Economic Literacy and Personal Finance
Helps users to understand economic matters—both personal and global— and to prepare for the financial realities of today and tomorrow.
Facts about Drugs
Provides young adults with the basic facts and gritty details of drugs and drug use.
Open for Debate
Explores the past, present, and future of many social policy topics that are always subject to debate, shedding light on the pros and cons of each.
Sex and Society
Looks at sex in today’s society and examines topics as diverse as relationships, parenting, social and cultural issues, health, and making smart personal choices.
Ancient and Medieval World
Examines world history from the emergence of the earliest humans about two million years ago through the end of the Middle Ages.
Explorers and Exploration
Profiles the many explorers who opened up new territories and offers historical, geographical, and motivational perspectives on their accomplishments.
Exploring Ancient Civilizations
Covers the period from approximately 6500 BCE to 500 CE and brings to life a fascinating range of ancient civilizations.
Exploring the Middle Ages
Covers one thousand years of history (from 500 to 1500), not only in Europe but around the world.
Gods, Goddesses, and Mythology
Explores prehistoric and classical gods and goddesses as well as contemporary myths found in literature and popular culture.
Man, Myth and Magic
This comprehensive reference resource examines the creatures, symbols, stories, rites and customs, and supernatural elements from mythologies, religions, and cultures throughout human history.
Renaissance and Reformation
Provides a sweeping but detailed look at the people, events, and achievements of these critical periods in European and world history (from 1300 to 1700).
World War I
Explores the conflict proclaimed by some to be “the war to end all wars,” including the events leading up to the conflict, the course of war, and its social and economic aftermath.
World War II
Provides a telling account of the Second World War, the seminal event of the twentieth century, and features numerous archival photographs and detailed maps.